I work with adults, teens and children. I enjoy formats combining handful of theory with engrossing assignments. 

Favourite topics ︎︎︎

metaphors in design ︎ visual thinking and literacy  ︎ visual storytelling & visual writing ︎ infographics/information design ︎  visual strategies in maps & history of cartography ︎ basics of graphic design for non-designers ︎ alternative/artsy graphic novels ︎  literature adaptations (graphic novels, video games, hybrid media)  

Lectures + Talks (selected)   ︎︎︎

Shapes of Thought ( with J. Woynarowski)  discussion, Copernicus Festival, Kraków, ︎ video

Culture in Action Artist Talk series (Popmoderna.pl) interview,  ︎ video

Infoimages – discussion (with J. Woynarowski), Joseph Conrad Festival, Kraków

Image and Text. The Best Enemies – talk, Gdynia Design Days Festival

The Model and the Metaphor – talk, seminar for academic teachers, Rabka

Image. How does it work? [basics of information design] – talk (with J. Woynarowski), Galeria Labirynt, Lublin + BWA, Katowice

What does fashion say?  – fashion interpretation workshop for teenagers, Municipal Gallery in Tarnów

Fictional Maps –
talk at  Facta Ficta international conference, Katowice

Games Over and Over – talk accompanied by animated diagrams (with K. Styczeń), Etiuda&Anima Festival, Kraków

Space as Metaphor – talk, Think Tank Lab Triennale, European Capital of CultureWrocław

Visual Narrative Strategies [visual storytelling beyond comics]talk, Faculty of Art, Pedagogical University of Cracow  

Courses + Workshops Taught (selected) ︎︎︎

You will open this door anyway. A Primer of Interactive Storytelling  – international one-week workshop held online (Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw)

Story-driven: storytelling in teaching and learning – training for teachers, Municipal Gallery in Tarnów

Story-driven [basics of creative writing] – 2 series of 5-days workshop for children,  Municipal Gallery in Tarnów

Narrative Drawing (comics, illustration, visual storytelling) during PhD pedagogical training in Jakub Woynarowski studio (Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków)

Perspective and Illusion of Space (PWSZ Tarnów) – 2 semesters programme

Psychophysiology of Vision and Color Theory (PWSZ Tarnów)  – 2 semesters programme

Events Organized (selected) ︎︎︎

NarrAkcje conference on visual narratives + workshops  – (co-organizer) one-day event in Arteteka, Kraków covering issues like comics, illustration, script-writing and Polish sign language

Bitwa Rysunkowa (Drawing Battle) – (co-organizer) open to public live drawing act performed by talented young illustrators and comic artists, Kraków

︎︎︎ I am open to talks/workshops opportunities  – let’s talk about that!