I work with adults, teens and children. I enjoy formats combining handful of theory with engrossing assignments. 

Favourite topics ︎︎︎

visual storytelling & visual writing ︎ infographics/information design  ︎  visual strategies in maps & history of cartography ︎ basics of graphic design for non-designers  ︎ alternative/artsy graphic novels ︎  literature adaptations (graphic novels, video games, hybrid media)  ︎ elements of narrative (for children and teens)

Lectures + Talks (selected)   ︎︎︎

Culture in Action Artist Talk series (Popmoderna.pl) interview (by Rafał Sowiński)

Infoimages – discussion (with J. Woynarowski and M. Kuźmiński), Conrad Festival, Kraków

Image and Text. The Best Enemies – talk, Gdynia Design Days Festival

The Model and the Metaphor  – talk, seminar for academic teachers (mainly UJ + UW), Rabka

What does fashion say?  – fashion interpretation workshop for teenagers, Municipal Gallery in Tarnów

Fictional Maps –
talk at  Facta Ficta international conference, Katowice

Games Over and Over – talk accompanied by animated diagrams (with K. Styczeń), Etiuda&Anima Festival, Kraków

Image. How does it work? [basics of information design] – talk (with J. Woynarowski), Galeria Labirynt, Lublin

Courses + Workshops Taught (selected) ︎︎︎

You will open this door anyway. A Primer of Interactive Storytelling  – international one-week workshop held online (Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw)

Story-driven: storytelling in teaching and learning – training for teachers, Municipal Gallery in Tarnów

Story-driven [basics of creative writing]  – 2 series of 5-days workshop for children,  Municipal Gallery in Tarnów

Perspective and Illusion of Space (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Tarnowie, ongoing)

Psychophysiology of Vision and Color Theory (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Tarnowie, ongoing)

Narrative Drawing (comics, illustration, visual storytelling)  during PhD pedagogical training in Jakub Woynarowski studio (Academy of Fine Arts, Kraków)

Events Organized (selected) ︎︎︎

NarrAkcje conference on visual narratives + workshops  – (co-organizer) one-day event in Arteteka, Kraków covering issues like comics, illustration, script-writing and Polish sign language

Bitwa Rysunkowa (Drawing Battle) – (co-organizer) open to public live drawing act performed by talented young illustrators and comic artists, Kraków

︎︎︎ I am open to talks/workshops opportunities  – let’s talk about that!

Maja Starakiewicz is graphic designer and illustrator with serious inclination to research.

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