I am a proud generalist always craving research and/or playfulness, working everywhere design, storytelling and art are intersecting. I graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, currently I’m PhD candidate in Narrative Drawing.


graphic design ︎ art direction ︎ branding  ︎ visual storytelling  ︎ infographics ︎ illustration ︎ pattern/surface design ︎ strategy ︎ research ︎ visual communication in humanities ︎ print and web ︎ teaching ︎ writing (both research papers and essays)

︎︎  My work and motivations behind it were comprehensively exposed in this interview

Worked with ︎︎︎

Pan tu nie stał ︎  Copernicus Festival  (Kraków) ︎ Conrad Festival (Kraków) ︎ Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe ︎ National Museum in Kraków ︎ Gdynia Design Days ︎ Magazyn Autoportret  ︎ Warsaw Science Festival ︎  Swarmcheck  ︎ Fundacja Optimum Pareto ︎ Hańba band ︎ Koza Nostra Studio ︎ Translation Street ︎ Korporacja Ha!art  ︎ 10Decoart  ︎ (...)

Awarded ︎︎︎

Polish Graphic Design Awards nominee, Swarovski scholarship (European Forum Alpbach), Polish Ministry of Culture scholarships, Art&Fashion illustration competition (Stary Browar, Poznań), Dean of Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków scholarships, Ars Quarendi Prize (granted by the Lesser Poland Region), (...)

︎︎︎ I am based in Kraków, Poland but I am willing to travel – I believe that face-to-face contact is the foundation of quality work.
︎︎︎ I am always happy to make friends, work and work friends. Contact me by mail.
︎︎︎ I can be reached directly via Instagram.