Border Stones

My facination with border stones started when I saw ancient hermai for the very first time. Inspired by the simplified, nearly abstract form of the greek sculptures (serving often as boundary markers or sign-posts) I created a small series of wood sculptures that could mark the entrance to different zones of imaginary, mythological world. Some of them were exhibited as a part of Gilgamesh series.

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︎ Magda Tracz

Sketchbook Pattern

personal work

Gilgamesz – exhibition

The Road That Never Was project turned material and got extended by series of objects. The exhibition took place in Archeological Museum in Kraków what created unique opportunity to exhibit Gilgamesh series illustrations, graphic objects along with real Sumerian brick with cuneiform inscriptions.

︎ Magda Tracz

The Road That
Never Was

Project is a retelling of the ancient, and unfortunately quite forgotten, Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the oldest literary texts we know today. Within the project I designed website, set of illustrations and a letterpress-printed postcard. My images are accompanied by wonderful text (written by Marcin Mleczak) paraphrasing the original story.

︎︎︎ Whole experience available online (PL + ENG)

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︎ Project was realized under Culture Online programme funded by Polish Ministry of Culture.

Model and Metaphor

Book covers wide range of topics: from the informative function of images to history of page layout. All of them are orbiting around the central term, model, visual representation of abstract idea. Book contains over 150 illustrations drawn by Jakub Woynarowski. 

Book was nominated to Polish Graphic Design Award in the Infographics Section.