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Funky December

Illustration for Faculty of Art, ANS Tarnów 2023 calendar, animated by Łukasz Podolak of Weird Gentlemen.

Autoportret Anthology

Illustrations were featured in the W przejściu, anthology of essays and interviews from the Autoportret quarterly on architecture, urban planning and design.

︎book design: Damian Nowak (Parastudio)︎︎︎ contents and more info

The Eerie Emperor

Project was an attempt to reimagine Lovecraftian visual universe - turn it into something rather graphical than painterly. Together with Marcin Mleczak, author of the literary layer of the series, I dived into the Land of Weird. ︎ more

︎ Works were exhibited in Galeria Tymczasem, Wrocław in 2022.
︎ Exhibition poster was shortlisted for Peru Design Biennial 2022.


Series of over 300 portraits done between 2017 and 2022 with only one tool (brushpen). Set contains fictional personnages, monsters, animals, gods along with ecountered people.

︎ Series was featured in Bongoût
zine available here.
︎︎︎ Drawings are available as 50x70 cm posters. Contact me to purchase one.

All images © M.Starakiewicz